The wines of Domaine du Clos Lamalgue are distinguished by their originality.
It's true everything sets this property apart from others, it's history, it's renaissance, it's position and it's vintages.
It's cultivation protected under the reign of Louis XIV, the qualities of wine have never been forgotten. Alexandre Dumas even made his hero, Le Comte de Monte Cristo, drink this wine.
Distinguished in 1889, at the same time as the equally magnificent kitchengarden, it is the only vineyard that remains after urbanisation.
These 3 hectares situated between the Mediterranean sea and Mount Faron, at the heart of town of Toulon, enjoy perfect sunshine 300 days a year.
The loving care of the Monges family, since 1930, has raised the production of Domaine du Clos Lamalgue, to the ranks of the most prized wines.
The third sunday of September, in a holiday atmosphere, friends, neighbours and acquaintances all come to help with the grape harvest, and enjoy a splendid meal supplied by the Monges family.